The Experimental Plant of TyumenNIIgiprogas is a modern company producing more than 80 product items. Advanced technologies, high level of operational culture and efficient quality management system allowed the company to establish a good reputation at the market of oil and gas equipment. The products are licensed and certified, all the permits for use are available.

Almost all the equipment pieces are manufactured as per the unique designs. New products developed as per the designs of the Company specialists are implemented on a regular basis.


The Experimental Plant has more than 400 regular customers. The new clients established in 2013 are: LLC Promtorg, OJSC NERS, LLC Klimaticheskie Sistemy Tyumen and some others.


Most of the products are: modular equipment for fuel and energy complex: gas distribution units, fuel gas treatment units for compressors and power stations, Vodopad electric-coagulation drinking water treatment units, Integrated Gas and Condensate Treatment Units.

High demand products are oil and gas heaters, fuel gas treatment units, flare units, heat transfer units and separators, gas wells survey unit Nadym 2.2М, chemicals injection pump units, methanol injection units for gas flow lines and annular spacing, restrictive quick-release orifice devices for gas flow measurements.


Services provided by the Plant are of a stable demand:

  • pattern cutting with gas flame cutter with CNC (computer numerical control) (sheet parameters: thickness of stainless steel — 80 mm, structural steel — 150 mm, maximum sheet size — 2000 х 12000 mm);
  • sheet rolling of thickness from 0 to 80 mm, width up to 2000 mm and diameter from 530 to 3000 mm;
  • automatic consumable electrode submerged longitudinal and girth welding (with equipment of Lincoln Electric Company);
  • bead blasting of parts within clearance limit of a pipe with diameter 1400 mm and length 12000 mm (size of shot blasting chamber — 18000 х 3000 х 2250 mm);
  • testing of equipment and materials for hidden faults (Nondestructive Testing Laboratory is certified for radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and penetrant testing);
  • section bending (pipe with diameter 159 х 6 mm; channel — 20 mm, double-t-iron — 14 mm, angle-iron — 125 х 12 mm);
  • miter metal cutting with a belt-saw machine (circular section — diameter 650 mm; rectangular section — 700 х 680 mm);
  • miter gas cutting of pipes and cross pipes with diameter 800 mm;
  • heat treatment after welding of shells with 2500 mm diameter and 2700 mm length in the gas oven;
  • testing of shut-off valves with hydraulic pressure 1000 kgf/cm2 with 200 mm valve diameter and pressure test at 80 kgf/cmwith valve diameter 800 mm. Test facility allows register pressure drop down to 0.0001 kgf/cm2 and test valve with 800 mm length and 300 mm diameter and valve with 1400 mm length and 800 mm diameter.

List of products produced with use of metal working machines and gas flame cutter with CNC is always increasing. It improves productivity and products quality.

Quality guarantee

Quality is controlled at all the operational stages by the Experimental Center consisting of:

  • Chemical Analysis Laboratory;
  • Physical Testing Laboratory;
  • Non-destructive Testing Laboratory.

The Center has all the required certification and accreditation.

The Plant specialist do start-up and testing, provide training for the operational personnel, guarantee and post-guarantee services.

The Experimental Plant of TyumenNIIgiprogas provides high quality guarantee products for reasonable prices, customized approach and perfect fulfillment of the contractual obligations.