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Development of the personnel in TyumenNIIgiprogas is based on the Comprehensive Human Resources Management Program of PJSC Gazprom and its subsidiaries for the period of 2011–2015.

A great emphasis in put on the development of a pool of candidates. Corporate competency framework is being developed since 2012.

Social and labor relations between the Company employees and the administration are regulated by the Collective Labor Agreement. It is aimed at the agreement between the social and labor concerns of the employees and the employer and is based on the principles of the social partnership. Benefits and guarantees for the employees and their family members are constantly increasing.

The specialists of the Human Resources and Social Development Section

The specialists of the Human Resources and Social Development Section

The Collective Labor Agreement provides for the payment of the financial aid to the annual holidays, lump payment upon the employee’s written request, partial compensation of health resort costs, payment of the voluntary medical insurance, provision of the pension through the Gazfond non-State Pension Fund and benefits to the retirees.

The results of the Collective Labor Agreement fulfillment are discussed annually on the workforce conference and the agreement is updated. The provisions of the Collective Labor Agreement are executed in full. Control over the fulfillment of the Collective Labor Agreement is imposed on the Company Administration and the Trade Union Committee.

Young Professional Council is operating in cooperation with the Administration. The career guidance activities aimed at engagement, retention and development of the young specialists are performed. On-the-job training is provided for about 200 best students of the Colleges and Universities annually.