Vodopad water treatment technology presented in China

November 7, 2012 2012 00:00

Further to the invitation by Ministry of Water Resources of China and Kun Peng Power (Bei Jing) Technology Co., Ltd (PRC), LLC TyumenNIIgiprogas took part in Water Expo China 2012 (Beijing, China), introducing Vodopad water treatment technology into China marketplace.

TyumenNIIgiprogas’ exhibition stand has been open to the public from October 29 through 31, displaying printed brochures and multimedia promotion articles, offering presentations and videos in English and Chinese. Vodopad technology generated considerable interest among the visiting representatives of Chinese private and state-controlled companies as well as government agencies. TyumenNIIgiprogas was the only Russian exhibitor at the event.

A presentations of Vodopad technology in The College of Water Sciences of Beijing Normal University

A presentations of Vodopad technology in The College of Water Sciences of Beijing Normal University

Along with that two additional presentations of Vodopad technology were held. The first one took place at the premises of Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd — the biggest construction corporation of annual business volume of RMB 54 billion (USD 8.65 billion), employing 26,000 workers and 120 subsidiaries all over the world. Mr. Jacky Zheng, Company Vice-President and Chief Engineer examined the capabilities of Russian technology in great detail and asked a lot of clarification-seeking questions. Summarizing the results of the visit Mr. Jacky Zheng expressed interest in deployment of Vodopad stations at Company facilities; also being a Member of Beijing Legislative Assembly he is intending to propose application of the said technology in remote areas to Beijing Government.

The next presentation was held at The College of Water Sciences of Beijing Normal University, main expert center in water engineering whose opinion prevails within Chinese marketplace. Theoretical and practical aspects of Vodopad technology were discussed during two-hour meeting with college professors. By the end of the meeting the parties to the presentation agreed that the said technology has the intrinsic capability for fresh water purification in most regions of China, and its commercial potential mostly depends on cost indicators.

A presentations of Vodopad technology in Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd

A presentations of Vodopad technology in Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd

TyumenNIIgiprogas participation in Water Expo China 2012 Exhibition, presentations and negotiations have been made possible due to sponsorship by Kun Peng Power (Bei Jing) Technology Co., Ltd, and the Company agreed to promote TNGG products and services in China.

For reference

Water Expo China 2012 (China International Membrane and Water Treatment Technology & Equipment Exhibition) is one of the biggest water engineering shows in PRC held annually in Beijing since 1998. The event is sponsored by PRC Ministry of Water Resources.

Kun Peng Power (Bei Jing) Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese company promoting advanced engineering products in Chinese market. CEO — Mr. Gavin Cui.

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