TyumenNIIgiprogas manufactured a unique Ground Waters Vacuum Degassing Unit

April 23, 2014 2014 00:00

Oil and gas is typically produced in the areas where there is no not only stable water supply but also good quality water sources. Heat and Water Supply Service of Yuzhno-Russkoe oil and gas condensate field of OJSC Severneftegazprom faced such a problem when large volume of methane was dissolved in subsurface water intake.

Ground Waters Vacuum Degassing Unit

Ground Waters Vacuum Degassing Unit

State Standard GOST 2761–84 «Sources of central utility and drinking water supply system. Sanitary, technical requirements and selection rules» prohibit use of ground water sources with high content of dissolved gases of methane and hydrogen sulfide. Since there was no other water sources in the area it was decided to find a way of subsurface water degassing at the preliminary purification stage before drinking water treatment.

As per the technical specifications the specialists of TyumenNIIgiprogas developed, manufactured and supplied to the facility a unique modular Ground Waters Vacuum Degassing Unit SVDV-500 (СВДВ-500) up to 500 m3/day capacity.

Degassing of ground waters at the unit SVDV-500 (СВДВ-500) is performed as per the vacuum degassing technology which has no alternatives when water shall be treated at the temperature below 100 0С. It allows eliminating all the gases including oxygen from water.

It is a first unit of this sort and so a joint patent was obtained for the utility model.

The Integrated Water Treatment Technologies Section of TyumenNIIgiprogas has been doing researches in this sphere for more than 10 years. Vodopad electric coagulation water treatment technology is the most popular invention used in oil and gas industry.

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